Friday, May 01, 2009

Still, more new English words!

In an earlier story, I mentioned that the Swedish-English dictionary I got for my iPhone has a penchant for displaying English words I have never seen before. Well, the phenomenon has continued!

Here is the latest installment of new English words I have recently seen. I have been making notes as I see them and then looking them up in the Oxford American Dictionary. Again, I'm very suspicious that the makers of this application have invented a bunch of words to beef-up the size of the dictionary.

insouciant: having a casual lack of concern
ailered: (no entry)
acceptera: (no entry)
jaceranda: (no entry)
jacinth: a reddish-orange gem variety of zircon
elevenses: a short break for light refreshments
jumbuck: (no entry)
emed: (no entry)
blain: an inflamed or swelling sore on the skin (Mmmm!)
bleb: a small blister on the skin (Double mmmm!)
jounce: jolt or bounce
roseate: optimistic or rose-colored
lumpen: uninterested in revolutionary advancement
lucubrition: (no entry)
lupin: (no entry)
jodhpurs: full-length trousers, worn for horseback riding
jodine: (no entry)


  1. acceptera is a Swedish word... Hmm..

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Native English speaker here, ...& I must say that I've never heard of any of these words -- I agree they're very strange indeed.
    After having a look, it struck me as odd that all of them have something in common. It's like they're close to 'real' words that are well-known & used; but appear just off maybe by one or two letters.

    Personally, I thought I recognized "jaceranda" as those most beautiful purple-flowering trees found all over southern California -- But it turns out those are called "jacaranda".

    Hmmm......? Are you as confused as me?!


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