Thursday, December 03, 2009

Street Scenes

It's another installment of pictures of regular, everyday things how they look in Sweden. This time it's stuff on the street.

Garbage can.

Illegally-parked Corvette. Amazing. People who drive these things are jerks all over the world. What's the Swedish word for asshole?

An old Volvo limousine.

Volvo emergency response vehicle.

Saab police car.

Police tape. Avspärrat means "closed."

Police tape.

Tiny delivery truck from "The Chocolate Factory."

Telephone manhole.

Water manhole.

Street sign. This street is called "Farthest-out Crossways Alley" or something like that.

The Postal Museum is at the corner of "Little New Street" and "Axe-Maker Alley." I don't know if that's what Yxsmedsgrän really means, but it sounds cool, right? Anybody who has an actual translation, please feel free to let me know.

Crosswalk buttons and street lights in the background.


  1. i love translating street names too! first, if i don't i'll never keep the names in my head for later use. really, who needs to make a word 22 letters long? ok that's a bit of a strech but you know what i mean. second, it's hilarious. some of my favorites are gunløgsgade and badehusvej. fun times!

  2. Fredrik3:19 PM

    Love your view on Sweden; I think you see a beauty that is harder for us Swedes to appreciate.

    Yxsmedsgränd would literally be "Axe smith alley"


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